you got to do what you gotta do to get where you want to get


Day to day life right now feels like that interim period where some are going back out after Lockdown and some aren’t and I’m easing my way back gently, so rather than dash out I’ve chosen to get the tech done – God help me – but, it needs to be done and then I can get onto the next thing.


It’s easy to get swept along with taking part and doing and then doing some more… There are so many opportunities opening up out there that after so much time inside, it’s super easy to grab it all like a child in a toy shop, or think you’re not doing enough, because we had so much taken away in seconds that maybe we don’t want to miss out BUT it’s okay to still pause.


Time stood still and so did we.


You see, that feeling of lost time can cause a feeling of failure.  But maybe, just maybe that could be seen as a reason to press pause and take some more time to step to the side.


It could be seen as a time to step off the merry-go-round or the hamster wheel – you know that feeling? It’s not failure. It’s a time to reassess and do the things you gotta do to get where you want to get.


The destination is yours for the choosing – that’s pretty cool. As is the speed in which you do it. We all grow at different rates and this time in Lockdown has been no different.


If you pressed pause so you could catch up on work. That’s great.

If you pressed pause so you could spend time recreating yourself. That’s great.

If you pressed pause so you could do whatever YOU needed for yourself. That’s flipping amazing.


And if you chose to do whatever you needed in any capacity then, go you.


On a call this week, my client and I were discussing this. She was unsure how to find some stability. My answer was this. It’s already within you.


A step to the side is no more or less than a pitstop to fill your fuel tank on the motorway. Flip, it’s allowed and please feel no guilt. It’s not a downgrade, a failure or anything otherwise. It’s an opportunity to be what you need to be. How you perceive success is a very personal thing, based on your own experiences.


It was and can be very easy to get caught up in the social media circus and what others are doing that unless you stay focused with what works for you, the old feeling of not doing enough, being good enough or any other self-slur can take over.




Look at it this way, it might help explain my point. The trees all grow next to each other. They grow at different rates, heights, widths, shapes and sizes. They do not compare to each other. They flourish at different times and guess what…They don’t feel intimidated or undermine each other, and they certainly don’t try and outdo each other. They simply do what they need to do when they need to do it. There’s no failure involved.


Take a look at situations in your life where you may have compared, felt a failure and anything else to pull you down. And then at the times you have felt on point.


I can pretty much guarantee you were doing your own thing. On purpose. In the moment. Being yourself. Nothing else mattered. It’s all good.


So, as you move forward, at your own pace, focus on the success of taking it at your own pace.


Be like a tree.


This is what those tech moments have created in my world, and at my pace,

Take a listen here


Love Lisa xx