Do you have a favourite day of the week or is it all rolling into one in Lockdown?


Even though it’s all a bit unsettled I’ve found that to keep the ball rolling and to keep focused, to have a label for each day of the week works for me.


Monday. My day Mon-Day (if you know you know) Own it – Make whatever you need happen.


Tuesday. This is a meh day for me – so I keep busy – I call it Choose-Day. It’s a bit of a mindset thing to be aware that we have choices but especially on Meh-Day, which, let’s face it, that can be any day! I make it about others, so have plenty of coaching sessions in my Facebook groups. We can all learn rather than leave the day feeling unfulfilled.


Wednesday. Yes! This is the middle of the week in my head and tends to be pretty pro-active It’s a coaching day with my amazing clients. No hump days here.


Thursday. Well, I’ve always been a Thursday kind of gal – I could tell you some stories about Thursday evenings in particular. It was club night for me and my friend in our early twenties. Charlie Chans in Walthamstow was the place to go and the “let’s not take going Out-Out too seriously” (Out-Out wasn’t a thing back then).


So, I’m pausing on this day because, for me it was and still is the beginning of my weekend. I had a late start the next day at work, so made the most of the night out but more than anything chose to. I’m not a Friday night must go out person – never have been.


These days, it’s my writing day – Blogs, newsletters and posts get done because I’m relaxed and in flow just in time for the weekend. It simply is my kind of day.


Friday. Tidy up day and plan for the following week and believe it or not Saturday and Sundays are pretty quiet, but then I guess they will be just now.


So, even if you do or don’t have a favourite day of the week, I’m pretty sure you have a routine or labels for something.


We all need a form of certainty that works for us and our lifestyle. Even if we try not to, we all fall into a routine of some description, whether it works for you or not, it’s still a routine.


Some become a habit, that works in your favour, and some don’t. You’ll know pretty quickly by the way that you feel if it’s benefitting you.


Have a mental run-through in your head about what each day means to you. Does Wednesday signify Hump-Day? Maybe you’ve picked up labels from other people and never really thought about why you feel a certain way about them.


Have a think – every day could be your “Thursday” if you want it to be. Like I say, we all have choices.


Love Lisa xx