Do you?


Do you ever get those days of feeling like everything is flying at you or you’re banging your head against a brick wall and potentially more energy is given to that than anything else?


It’s a bit of a thing isn’t it?

So, what about if we look at this from a different perspective.


Really truthfully, instead of pushing, forcing and doing your head in (let’s keep this real), do you ever pause and talk yourself back to simply acknowledging what’s occurring and accept that this is how it is, in this moment?


You see, in this moment, THIS, is what you have control of. The acceptance or the resistance.


In THIS moment, what about thinking of “THIS is meant to be happening” exactly like this, it’s already mapped out anyway. The reason, if nothing else, is that by approaching from a new perspective, the calm approach will create a calmer body and therefore, you’ll be making friends with your body rather than making an enemy of the tension that can arise from the overwhelm, that knot in your stomach or perhaps, the headaches.




Many of my clients share that they feel tense, unsure and that they can’t see a way of moving forward. It’s seems to be the norm to force, try too hard or feel stressed that they’re not making any kind of progress when in fact the progress is waiting to flow.


So, back to my original point, when things are going great stop and work out why things ARE actually going great and on the flip side why they may not be.


Ask these questions:

Why do I feel like this? Do I want to keep this going? What do I need to do?


Simple. We are simply raising the awareness AND the answers are already within.


Let it be easy. Let it flow.


Look how far you’ve come, especially in these bizarre Lockdown times. Take the pressure off and today, do the best that you can and keep shining your amazingness.


Love Lisa xx


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