Nothing changes if nothing changes. And I guess this unprecedented time we find ourselves in  is testament to what change can actually bring.


Who’d have thought that only a couple of months ago, life was ticking along, albeit a little hasty, but in flow none the less.


When change comes so abruptly, as it did for all of us, it can create so many feelings and all in one go. Let’s call that overwhelm. Did you feel it?


Many around me felt it, as did I. A huge concoction of “if’s, but’s and maybe’s” all thrown into the mix with a touch of “how’s this going to work out?”


For the first time ever, it would appear that no one knows. We can take steps, put steps in place but cannot truly see an end and how that end will be. It’s not surprising there are so many emotions. There’s no certainty.


Gently, gently. Easy does it. Gently what? Easy does what?


When we are confused it’s really unsettling to have literally no idea of how to create some calm for us all. Depending on your perspective, this current situation could be freaking you out or giving you some much needed time to reassess the old normal.



On a call this week, my client and I were discussing this. She was unsure how to find some stability. My answer was this. It’s already within you.


When the outside is so unpredictable it can easily cause us to feel restless. We are inside for a reason. But we can also look inside ourselves.


Being all about how you feel inside, I’d like to share a few tips with you based on my own TT Method.


1 What are you thinking?  And do those thoughts sit right with you?

2 What are you feeling? And do they sit right with you?

3 What are you doing about it? And do those actions sit right with you?

4 What are your results? And do they sit right with you too?


You see, when we stop and take the time, (which the majority of us now have), gently, gently and with ease, we get to be more aware of what we feel. Feelings are meant to be felt, but you don’t have to accept them or hold onto them.


So, in this time of change – nothing changes if nothing changes. So rather than hoping it will turn out okay by you going with the flow, maybe now is an opportunity to use the time inside to look inside and decide if your inside is how you want it to be for when we are able to go back outside.

Love Lisa xx