I went for a walk with a friend yesterday.


Social distance of course, but we hadn’t seen each other through Lockdown at all – We chatted and brought each other up to date with life in general.


We got talking about when the kids were diddy and how we managed, how we changed and mostly why we will always stay true to ourselves and be kind and loving souls.


People come into our lives for a season, reason, lesson or a blessing.


As we chatted, we recounted experiences that have made us who we are today.


Going back to 2002 I held down nine jobs as a Cleaner, Nanny, Nursery Nurse and selling Avon! Busy to say the least. As a single parent back then I had to juggle and spin all the plates to keep things ticking over. It was a struggle.


One cleaning job was pretty uncomfortable with unwelcome attention from the guy who owned the property. These days I’d walk away and without hesitation, but back then my head was on auto-pilot and my focus was providing for my kids.


The lodger of this unhelpful character was a business man, called Bulent. He was probably in his 50’s, kind and distinguished. He was living away from his family – I’d love to know where he is now.


He saw the situation and also had his own reasons to not be around this person so decided to move out.


I dreaded that


I knew things would not be ideal there on my own but back in the day, I had no strength to fight anything.


What was incredible, and what has always stayed with me, was his kindness. He asked me to become his cleaner once he’d settled into a new place, and, would continue to pay me during that time even though I wasn’t working. He wanted to make sure I was safe. I couldn’t understand why he was being so kind.


You see, I had very little.


Literally £10 a week disposable income and was living off every benefit possible after divorcing. The kids were so young, and I simply wanted to do my best for them so did all I knew how to make ends meet.


Bulent was true to his word and paid me for the days until he had moved. He simply wanted to help, and I’ve never forgotten that.


When the time came after about three loyal years of  cleaning, he moved out of the area. The final conversation we had was this.


I have never forgotten this.


“Lisa, keep being you. No one can EVER take that away from you. You have so much potential and I know you will do great things once this time has passed. Remember this conversation and pass it on”.


People often ask me why I do what I do. Why I’m hell-bent on supporting women, especially, in becoming the person they want and deserve to be. It’s because I NEVER want anyone to feel the way that I have in the past. I now know that I had the ability to turn it around but never knew how. I do now.


Please know I see you.


So, if you’re reading this and you are feeling like there’s more in you, please know I see you. Been there, seen it, done it and probably got the T-shirt too.


So, Bulent Kizultan. If you do ever get to read this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope I did you proud.


It’s all within you.


Bulent saw it in me, and I see it in you.


Love Lisa xx