Upon meeting Lisa I was curious to learn about her coaching techniques.


At that time I honestly didn’t realise how much I needed her help, I was at a low point but that had become very normal. After only one call, I cannot express the sense of relief I felt to know that someone could listen so intently, and so quickly and clearly help me pinpoint the issues I had left unresolved from both recent and ancient parts of my life. In my true logical style, I remained skeptical but Lisa provided an environment I trusted and I committed to all of the exercises she worked through with me.


After only six months I have done a total 360 and have an empowered mindset and so much confidence in who I am as I continue on my journey with a fantastic tool box to help support me through all eventualities. We created a plan of how I wanted my life to be and even though there have been various highs and lows, I have kept focused with what I learnt from her. Each week I review my plan and it’s absolutely still on track. I know it will happen.


Sam Haddrell.
Happy Successful Business Woman

Business Owner and Mum

When I discovered Lisa, I was feeling stuck in so many different areas of my life. I went along to her workshop, not knowing anyone. Lisa was amazing, warm and welcoming.

I have since had 1:1 sessions with Lisa which has helped me immensely to build a growth mindset and inner confidence to be the person I want to be.

She has shown me the tools of how to deal with negative situations, people and feelings, which has changed my life and business massively.

Lisa is a warm, nurturing, and caring person who wears her heart on her sleeve. You know when you first meet someone, you just get a sense of “yes this a warm, genuine person”, this is how I felt about Lisa as soon as we met.

Being an introvert, I contacted Lisa because wanted to come out of this lockdown feeling less overwhelmed with day to day life and more confident within.

Lisa helped me understand how mind works which was reassuring and how to dedicate time just for myself, which is a new experience for me. Each day I now have some peace and a quiet mind.
I now realise I have conscious choices and feel much more in control.

Lisa is a lovely, warm person. She is very knowledgeable and made me feel instantly comfortable, which made it easy open up and trust her.


Nicola Wright
Business Woman

Shannon Baines
Salon Manager

I met Lisa through an initiative at my company as myself and the team members were needing mindset and confidence support due to a variety of situations.

Once a month Lisa would join us for 1:1 sessions in the workplace.

Lisa’s methods personally gave me clarity, clearly, improved my self-worth and realise there’s so much more to life than what I was experiencing at that time.

With regular sessions I started to grow in confidence, see the best in everyday and was able to walk with my head held high and I could finally breath again.

I removed myself from negative situations and started making myself happy. I will forever be grateful for Lisa’s empowering theories and words of wisdom which I now practice everyday. You truly are a beautiful soul – thank you for helping me love me again.

I was at a turning point in my business and life and in need of some clarity when I happened to meet Lisa at a training event she was speaking at.

We soon after began working together on a 1:1 basis and within her membership group, where I learned how to develop a stronger mindset and self-worth helping me to become more confident person and direct my business to where I want it to be.

Lisa is a great person and extremely knowledgeable explaining her methods in such an understandable way making it easy to take on board with a busy lifestyle.
Since working with Lisa I am calmer, more focussed and self-aware and so much happier.


Sam Gilders.
Entrepreneur and Salon Owner

Emma Lowman
Business Development Manager

I’m lucky enough to work for a business who very much promote self-development, when Lisa met my CEO he instantly knew that she and I would have a connection – and he was right.

I’ve wanted external coaching for a while and I’m so glad I took the step as I’ve achieved so much and it’s all thanks to Lisa’s guidance.

Lisa has pushed me to become the person I’ve been trying to be, she is warm, caring and has ultimately helped me achieve so much self-belief and confidence that I feel unstoppable.

I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in improving themselves to speak with Lisa, she will bring out the best in you for sure.