So, this month is under way and we are being encouraged to venture out of Lockdown and beginning to adapt and finding so many changes.


In my private members group, The Room at The Top, we were really focusing on training our minds to look for the positive, the goodness and the calm. We are all about building each other up and creating the best we can be in THIS given moment on a daily basis.



We all have an amazing higher mental faculty called the imagination, (that’s an attribute, if you allow it to be), and we can all use it to lift us or to pull us somewhere that doesn’t make us feel so great. The fascinating thing is that you CAN control it, if you choose to.


We are easily influenced by what we choose to repeat or repeatedly allow around us.


It’s like furrowing deeper and deeper into the imagination and almost digging a hole to fill with whatever we focus on the most.



Everything that doesn’t feel so great will come to our minds first because that’s how we are wired. Trying to keep ourselves safe by avoiding the dangers, but that causes us to look for the dangers, and that’s okay until it has an unsettling impact on our mindset and confidence. What you think about you bring about.



It’s been my son, Fynn’s, 19th Birthday –

How the hell did that happen? It’s flown by for sure. It’s been a journey from then until now and we have conquered so many situations that have made us, including my daughter, Lou, better versions of ourselves. Bumps in the road and all!


The little things in life lift you and can move you forward to where you want to be by raising your energy.



I’m a sucker for candles and fairy lights in my home so I have them everywhere – Okay that may not be relevant to this blog but it’s an example of how a focus on something you love will create a healthier and more positive mindset.



At this point, I’d like to remind you that you have this incredibly insane power in your mind and your heart to literally navigate you to wherever you want to be. If it feels good, allow yourself to be drawn towards it and, at any point at all you find yourself stopping, I’d like you to start questioning yourself WHY. There you’ll find your answer.



Why am I feeling this? Make sense?



You are in the driving seat .


Did you know I’m a qualified Driving Instructor originally? Hence all the car analogies! I digress …Okay, yes… You are in the driving seat. That’s great because you get to fasten your seatbelt, take hold of the wheel and steer yourself on your journey.



Yes, there’ll be potholes that create a few bumps, and detours. Flip, I’ve had a few BUT, take the journey with kindness and compassion for yourself and those around you. Inspire yourself and fill in those potholes as you go.


All those journeys have brought you to now.



We must get the realisation the whatever we want will happen if we choose to focus on it. Only doubt or lack of self-belief shuts off the opportunity – fill in the potholes in the road of your journey with your determination, imagination and uplift.



Create the feeling that makes you feel good. Hold that feeling. Keep it simple.



Talking about The Room at The Top – The Private Members Club – Be the first to join when the doors open at the end of June. You can find out how here 



Love Lisa xx