Hi Lovely – I’ve so much to tell you.


You really need to hear this by the way.


I think in these Lockdown Days it’s important for you to have a little reminder to keep positive. Okay, I know sometimes you may not be feeling it, so this is when you need to hear it more than ever.


Let’s start at the beginning.


We can restart our thought process at any given time. That’s our choice as long as we are aware of it. So, take a note of the following four quick reminders to check in with yourself whenever you can.


You are a S.T.A.R – there’re so much going on for us all at the moment that it’s important to be aware of this.


Unsettling times, changes, overwhelm and actually great stuff too – it’s a real mish-mash (is that even a word?) of many emotions caused by outside influences


Whatever it is – wait for it – Don’t worry.


Easier said than done for some, granted, but where did worry get you so far? More of the same brings more of the same.


If we flick the switch on this and decide to focus on this time as being part of our journey, a piece of history and a time in which to learn so much, and most importantly, be non-resistant to whatever comes next.


When we realise it is all part of our future, our process and our experiences, then things actually start to ease a little bit. Try to unlock and unblock – If we are constantly trying to hold onto something that genuinely doesn’t make us feel so good, we are only hurting ourselves. Holding on to energy that will only harm us.


So, today, I want to share these four quick reminders with you.


You are a STAR! Hear me out!


S is for Sensitive.


Your sensitivity is strength not a weakness.


Stop dwelling on what people from your past or present may have told you.


Your sensitivity is what makes you, YOU.


Your sensitivity is what makes you so approachable.


Your sensitivity is what actually encourages people to grow when they are around you.


That’s an amazing energy to have and to share.


T is for Talented.


You are so talented that maybe you don’t even see it. You have no idea how incredibly talented you are.


You are talented when you are sitting and thinking. That’s a form of creation.


You are talented because you have so many attributes that make you, YOU.


You are talented because even if someone does something similar to you, they don’t do it like you. Because they are not YOU.


You are talented because that moment within you where you think, “I can do this”, and you put it into action even if the chips are down, you still have that creativity and talent within you.


All you’ve got to do is just sit with it and allow yourself to nurture it, let it create and flourish into what we know you can do – you can heal yourself, create yourself, whatever it is that you want to do. That’s talent, right there.


A is to remind you that you ARE Amazing.


So, if I said that to you, would you agree, squirm or say “yeah right”?


You are amazing because you show up in your world every single day even though.


There are many that don’t try and that’s okay – you want more for yourself and that’s amazing!


And this.


R – I love this one! R is for Real.


YOU are real. So real it’s unreal!


You are sensitive, talented and actually you’re amazing and that makes you very real


You are real because you are honest with yourself. You may find what you consider faults, are actually someone else’s attributes.


You are real because you can be yourself and know it’s okay to say what you feel – no judgement here – that keeps you true to yourself.


You are real because you are the person you choose to be and you can make changes, improve, take a step to the side. That makes you real – it shows that you value yourself enough to step off the proverbial merry-go-round rather than rushing, comparing and competing – Those things cause uneasiness


So, my lovely – You ARE a Star!


You are sensitive, talented, actually amazing and incredibly real and that makes you the Star that you are.


Use this and let it work for you – All I ask is to keep the S.T.A.R. in you shining.


Keep things in balance. There’s no right or wrong. Be real, be the star you are and shine the way YOU want to shine.


You can’t go wrong when you keep it real.


Love Lisa xx